Starter Kit
Starter Kit
Starter Kit
Starter Kit
Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Product Description:

If you run a small or medium sized drywall operation, this will revolutionize the way you embed your tape, feather your mud, and finish your corners.

  • Save hours on every job

  • Improve the quality of your work

  • Reduce the stress and strain on your body
Once you’ve hung your board, The Starter Kit is what you’ll need to get the rest of the job done.

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What's in the Starter Kit?

The 2 ½ Inch Corner Finisher

Wipe down, feather, and finish both sides of an inside 90 in a single pass.

  • Little or no sanding
  • Incredibly easy to clean
  • It’s lightweight, but durable

4-Wheel Inside Corner Roller

Make your lines sharp every time and set yourself up with precise corners that’ll make the rest of the job even easier.

  • Perfect tape in one pass 
  • Incredibly easy to clean 
  • Lightweight and durable

Two 48” Attachable Handles

The lightweight aluminum tube features a standard 48” reach, while the rubber grip provides optimal comfort and anti-slip control. The stainless ball joint provides versatile movement of the Flusher Head Learn More.

  • Easy maintenance and intuitive design makes Flusher handling simple and quick
  • Robust handle delivers excellent usability for a long time
  • Works with industry-standard heads fitted with a ball socket

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