CanAm Tool Starter Kit

CanAm Tool manufactures, distributes and exports complete professional mechanical taping and finishing tool systems for drywall contractors. Our automatic drywall tools are preferred for their functional, affordable and universal characteristics since 1973 and we are considered among the finest and most reliable in the taping tools industry worldwide. Our priority is to make the drywall finisher's life easier by creating reliable drywall tools that save time and save money!

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Starter Kit - Special Offer!

Starter Kit - Special Offer!

$249.99 USD

If you run a small or medium sized drywall operation, this will revolutionize the way you embed your tape, feather your mud, and finish your corners.

  • Save hours on every job

  • Improve the quality of your work

  • Reduce the stress and strain on your body
Once you’ve hung your board, The Starter Kit is what you’ll need to get the rest of the job done.