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Starter Kit - Special Offer!

Starter Kit - Special Offer!

$249.99 USD

If you run a small or medium sized drywall operation, this will revolutionize the way you embed your tape, feather your mud, and finish your corners.

  • Save hours on every job

  • Improve the quality of your work

  • Reduce the stress and strain on your body
Once you’ve hung your board, The Starter Kit is what you’ll need to get the rest of the job done.

2-Wheel Inside Corner Applicator

2-Wheel Inside Corner Applicator

$65.99 USD

The E100 CanAm 1” Inside Corner Applicator Head is ideal for smooth delivery of mud into corners. This CanAm Inside Corner Applicator diverts the flow of compound onto both sides of a 90° inside corner to create a uniform ribbon of mud in a single smooth action. The included universal spring clip makes it a snap to attach to any length Applicator Tube for mud delivery.

24" Compound Tube

24" Compound Tube - For Small Rooms And Closets

$211.99 USD

The A100 CanAm Compound Applicator 24” Mud Tube is ideal for use in confined, closet-sized spaces. The Applicator Tube applies quick setting or air drying joint compound through Applicator Heads and Direct Corner Finishers, providing a smooth, accurate, and even flow of mud. It is used in taping, finishing interior angles, flats, and the application of corner bead. CanAm’s anodized seamless aluminum Applicator Tubes are designed for rugged performance, professional use, quick dis-assembly, easy clean-up, and extended service life.